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The history of writing instruments by which humans have recorded and conveyed thoughts, feelings and grocery lists, is the history of civilization itself. This is how we know the story of us, by the drawings, signs and words we have recorded.

The cave man's first inventions were for hunting such as the club and the sharpened-stone. The sharpened stone would become the first writing instrument known to exist. The cave man would scratch symbols with the sharpened end into the walls of caves.  These drawings and symbols would tell the story of daily events in their lives.

Today, the highly popular modern version of writing instruments utilize the pioneers of the industries ink filled devices.  The pioneers include Parker, Cross and Biro (aka BIC) to name a few.  The Parker black ballpoint pens will produce more than 28,000 linear feet of writing -- more than five miles, before running out of ink.

For this reason, Little Wood Designs have chosen to incorporate the Parker and Cross style refills in our custom made writing instruments that seamlessly blending old world designs with modern flair.


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